Jan 27

Benefits of using virtual meetings and conference platforms

  • What are virtual meeting and conference platforms.
  • How do these platforms work.
  • Key features of these platforms and their benefits.
  • Some popular virtual meeting and conference platforms.

What are virtual meeting and conference platforms?

Virtual meeting platforms are cloud-based software applications.

These digital platforms enable teams, and clients, to communicate, and interact, in a virtual office environment, with a simple high-speed internet connection and the device of your choice. These virtual meeting platforms come with features such as live audio, and video streams, virtual chatrooms, meeting rooms, team-building activities, breakout sessions, and virtual social events, enabling teams working remotely to participate.

Post-pandemic with physical travel cut down to nearly half and restricted physical office presence, Zoom is a great example of how a virtual meeting platform came to the rescue and helped workforces, and students, work in virtual scenarios seamlessly.

Virtual meeting platforms made easy and simple: (How they work)

Most first-time users worry about not knowing the technical nuances of using these virtual meeting platforms.

With the device of your choice, a high-resolution camera, great audio/video settings, a good headset, and a stable high-speed internet connection, you can now connect to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Key features and benefits of virtual meeting platforms:

Most virtual online meeting and conference platforms come with great features, the below checklist would help you decide which platform is best equipped to handle your specific meeting needs

Listed below are a few important features that a good virtual meeting platform would have:

1. High-resolution visuals and great audio quality:

Most of these virtual platforms have great built-in audio/video settings and enable recordings of meetings and sessions.

2. Size of virtual meeting rooms:

These should be able to accommodate the requisite no. of participants that are going to be part of any virtual meeting.

3. Personalized tools:

From adding your company name, logos, to personalizing virtual exhibition booths, adding networking lounges, conference rooms, to personalized e-invites are some of the features these virtual platforms come equipped with.

4. Reports and insights:

Most virtual meeting platforms often come with great built-in analytics, tools, to help you get and analyze valuable information about your meeting/event attendees.

With the help of these tools, you get to eliminate the less relevant content that your previous event/meeting may have had and add more engaging content to your future events.

You can track attendee activity, leads, sign-ups, cash on prospects, and help in closing sales prospects faster.

5. Economical solutions:

Easy on-the-pocket, virtual platforms are economical solutions with wider global participation. There’s literally, zero spending on physical travel, and physical venues for your events and meetings.

6. Recordings and presentations:

The live recording feature enables you to record sessions, and share presentations anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of virtual meeting platforms:

Benefits of virtual meeting platforms
  • Saves time, money, and effort.
  • Easy accessibility to customers and team members globally.
  • Inclusivity for teams working remotely.
  • Improved employee retention.
  • Sustained global advantage and competitive edge.
  • Improved modern solutions with connectivity, and built-in tools to measure efficiency.

Popular virtual meeting platforms:

  • Zoom meetings and events platform
  • Microsoft teams
  • Google meet
  • Skype
  • Cisco Webex
  • Talky
  • Whereby
  • Jami

Virtual meeting platforms have revolutionized how a tech-savvy company connects, in a truly modern way, using cloud-based applications. You can use virtual presentations, to highlight new products and reinforce existing ones, brainstorm, and launch new versions.  A truly cutting-edge modern way of communicating which provides a great deal of convenience for both organizers and attendees!

Fun Fact: The global virtual meeting software market is projected to reach USD 41.58 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 17.0% during the forecast period.