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The Top 7 Industries That Need Interpreting Services In 2023

In the olden days, many people and businesses thought that they needed interpreting services. Were it was mostly used by the United Nations and diplomats and World leaders. 

Believe it or not, business expansion and globalization and interpreting services are intrinsically tied together. When traversing foreign lands and establishing a global business throughout different regions, companies and business owners will immediately need language interpretation services to communicate with clients.

Seeing as the world continually gets more and more interconnected, globally established industries have seen a rapid increase in interpreter services. Professional interpreters have taken the world by storm; they have shown many people how serviceable and profitable addition they are. The most recent search in 2019 has shown the language interpreting market value has reached around 49.6 billion U.S. dollars.

The success of interpreting services is only possible because the interaction between customers, clients, and businesses is more seamless. Therefore, more industries are seeking these services out, ultimately aiding in their rapid climb to the top. As mentioned above, the current market value of the translating industry is around 49.6 billion U.S. dollars; however, this number is said to increase in the near future threefold. This is because most organizations are expanding their enterprise to new areas to reach a wider audience and increase their current sales channel.

Many industries take advantage of professional interpretation skills, while others benefit more from expert interpretation. The difference isn’t significant and only varies based on the magnitude of services you require. For instance, if you only need a text you can opt for translations and if a particular speech or event requires multiple languages you should opt for expert interpretations.

Industries usually take on interpreting services when they know, they can afford them and that they fit their requirements. A few significant industries would definitely need  these services the most, especially in the  age of virtual and augmented reality trends in 2023.

The Top 7 Industries That Need Interpreting Services In 2023

Think about it; when a company has the opportunity to increase its sales, by connecting to a wider audience , and enter a whole new world of various opportunities. Living in this technologically advanced world comes with its own advantages and drawbacks, such as language barriers. Hence, business owners have to resort to other means if they wish to expand their brand to other areas where the clients and the customers aren’t familiar with their languages and customs. 

Professional interpretation services or expert translators are there to help you overcome this problem without additional obstacles. They are a secret weapon that comes in handy when a business is struggling to establish communication with the other person. These professionals can work with multiple teams  or  with global  multilingual scenarios. They don’t have a specific designation to themselves, which makes them flexible and adjustable.

Their flexibility and serviceability are partially why they have become so popular in recent years. Here is a list of the top 7 industries that need interpreting services in 2023.


1. Healthcare

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is incredibly vast; they are a worldwide global organization for valid reasons. It is one of the primary sectors where interpreting services are used, and they manage to do a lot of good for the industry as well. 

A healthcare facility or a healthcare provider needs to understand what their patients are saying. If they don’t get what the patient is saying, this will lead to confusion about the symptoms. 

Regardless of what facility or hospital you care for, you still need to communicate properly with the people. This is where a medical interpreter comes in; a healthcare interpreter makes it easier for the patient to communicate and delivers the provider’s message clearly as well.

It is critical for healthcare providers to give patients accurate diagnoses based on their symptoms, which will lead to prescription and medication. However, when a foreign person lands in the hospital bed, what will you do? Of course, you will need a translator to interpret what the person is complaining about. This will help you conduct tests accordingly and eventually give them a proper diagnosis. 

Furthermore, people feel more comfortable coming to clinics and facilities where they can converse in their own tongue without embarrassment and confusion. Once you integrate medical interpreter services into your system, you will realize how much more comfortable people will become. This will encourage them to seek out your services frequently, especially compared to the rest. 

2. Legal Profession

There are more and more people in the legal industry making inquiries about interpreters. And it is completely justified, considering people have to deal with different languages now . For instance, there are over 350 spoken  dialects of English  in the United States. Consequently, courts in the United States are supposed to keep interpreters on hand in case there is someone who is not a fluent  English speaker .

Additionally, there are around 220 languages spoken, with more than 40 percent of the residents speaking a different dialect of the same language in their homes.

Regardless, the need for interpreters is ever-increasing. This is because the judge, prosecutor, defendant, jury, and others need to have a clear perspective of what occurred and what the witnesses and perpetrator have to say. If the people do not understand the statements and testimonials, how will they be able to make a judgment call? This is why interpretation is making an exponential climb.

3. Entertainment Industry

It is becoming a common understanding that shows, and entertainment is supposed to be accessible and  to everyone worldwide. Many TV shows and movies are released in the current media, all of which are available worldwide. 

Most theatre plays and concerts have  interpreters who can interpret  the show into sign language. They make these events more fun and accessible for people with special needs However, there has been a movement for interpreters to use more than one particular language while interpreting 

Moreover, during live interviews and to connect to a global audience they would need to  make use of interpreters. Often, an actor may not know the particular language or it’s dialect, which is when interpretation comes  in handy. This is especially useful in cases where the production teams travel to different countries for global film releases and to communicate to the press and audience and even to the local production teams.

4. Banking, Finance, and Business

Some people assume that interpretation may not be as vital for this sector. Maybe because when you think of finances, you may not think that  financial terminology may require interpretations . Contrary to popular belief, this industry needs interpreting services more than most. 

As discussed  previously, businesses, companies are expanding globally, and they have a more international image and diverse approach than they did before. Because most organizations are now conducting their business globally they need  to ensure that their business interpreting service is accurate and to understand business policies of different countries.

Additionally, when searching for  business interpreters, one needs to  consider getting a specialized company  to suit the exact business   requirements. Yes, there are different qualifications as well as different technical and quality certifications that the interpreters need to be proficient in.

5. Travel Industry

The travel industry  is always in need  of quality interpretation services. When people travel, they will likely need interpreters to communicate with the locals, especially if they want to enjoy their travel experience and to know better the customs of the country. However, it would be best to remember that not all travelers are tourists. Many of them are people who are  business travelers as well , which means they absolutely require  qualified interpreters.

Additionally, when you make an effort to speak to people in their mother tongue, it makes them feel heard. Making friends along your journey will be a memorable experience and if you are on a business trip, then connecting to and being understood by  various people will greatly benefit you in the long run.

6. Insurance Industry

Similar to healthcare services, most people require insurance.  Since   many people need insurance, and many people aren’t native English speakers. This is why insurance companies need to hire interpreting services from a reliable interpretations company. They know about the complexities that people go through when they are getting their insurance, which is why it’s highly recommended that they   should invest in quality interpretation services.

The process for getting insurance on time requires people to complete a lot of paperwork and to understand terms and conditions of their insurance policies  . However, if they are not English speaking it may be a challenge for them to accurately understand the finer points  and that is when the insurance company can use the services of an accredited interpretations company like vSpeeq 

Typically, people assume that event production is limited to shows and concerts. As we move ahead into it is now common to use different hybrid and virtual platforms to hold events . In fact, virtual event production which  includes Hybrid international conferences, high-end business meetings, events with foreign delegations , ambassadors forums and other  events where the communication needs to be multilingual  to cater to a diverse audience on the platform of their choice .This enables people to connect from multiple locations 

Because of the different types of virtual and hybrid events platforms in the market today with specific technical features like augmented reality you will need  to pick an interpretations service company  that will go with the exact specifics  of the event For instance, you may require simultaneous interpretation, which has more virtual interpretation tools and virtual booths instead of the usual heavy-duty equipment like booths, microphones, which maybe more for a hybrid event etc.

Final Thoughts

When businesses try to expand globally to approach a wider audience. It is an excellent business opportunity that increases sales and offers better revenue prospects and helps to build a global brand . However, with expansion comes the challenges of communicating in new languages and terminology that one may not be aware of. This is where qualified interpreters and interpretation companies ,with industry knowledge and technical know how come in handy 

Realtime Interpreting services are a great way to bridge the gap between languages and cultures, allowing you to connect with people who speak different languages than you do. While many industries rely on interpreting services, these seven are the important ones which need to have the correct interpreting solutions and tools to conduct their business globally and to connect to a diverse range of clients. 

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